We’re All Friends Here

Hello friends. And, we are all friends here, even if some of us bite.

This is the new version of my website. It’s most assuredly a work in progress.

I have an old blog on WordPress: Midwestern Repatriate. That’s for global nomad-y things, and it will probably become less and less used in the coming months. Unless of course, we move again and I need to tell everyone about how tough/fun/tiring it is to start life over in yet another new city. But as it stands, we have no plans of moving.

So, this site is for fiction and communicating updates on my current writing projects.

Mostly, it’s about fiction. That’s right. I’m writing fiction now.

In fact, I’ve written a book. You can buy the ebook on Amazon or download it for free if you have Kindle Unlimited. I’ve even put a link to it below and off to the right and also on my recent posts. If you can’t easily find a link, I’m not doing my job!

Turning Point, by K. M. Smith

Stick around, read a bit. Enjoy yourself.

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