Free Book Friday!

Check it out, y’all! Turning Point is FREE on Kindle.


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Freebie Tomorrow.

Get your clicking fingers ready. Tomorrow, for ONE DAY ONLY my novel, Turning Point, will be FREE!

Be sure to click the link and share with your friends:

Turning Point will be FREE Friday, May 29th to read on Kindle or the Kindle App! (That’s tomorrow!)

TP Cover Transparent 3DGrab your free copy before the price goes back up on Saturday.

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Thank you and Happy Reading!


Today, I’d like to talk to you all about garlic.

We all know in literature vampires tend to hate garlic. It is touted as a way to protect oneself from becoming dinner for a hungry vamp, and it is also said to be able to destroy the creatures. It also is a tell-tale for a vampire posing as a human.

But, why?

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