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And…It’s Monday.

So it seems Monday has rolled around again. Doing my best to post weekly if for no other reason than to mark which day it actually is.

For this week’s edition of “It’s Monday, What am I Doing?” we see our intrepid author tackle paperback formatting.

If you follow me on Instagram: @kristynotkirsty (and if you don’t, you should probably start now), you saw last week I posted a video of the edits that need to be made based on the proof paperback copy of Turning Point. It looked like a lot, but most of it is formatting. Stuff that looked right on screen, but that I saw needed fixing on paper.

And while I’m at it, can I just tell you how amazing the paperback book feels? Like silk. Like butter. Like…OMG I wrote a BOOK!


So, my week is mostly going to be using a fine tooth comb to find every possible issue. And I’m sure I’ll still miss a couple. Just to prove I’m human.

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Another Monday

Hello friends. It’s Monday. It happens every week, and every week we keep doing our best to keep going with our chins up.

This Monday is a work day. I’m doing a lot of administrative work for home in addition to Author work. You know, the kind of work you don’t want to do but that makes you feel accomplished once you do it. The dreaded phone calls and updating things. Blah.

But hey, even vampires have to have their affairs in order.

In addition to the boring stuff, I have had several more glimpses of the muse. She’s speaking to me and I’m speaking back, through Alice. I think you’ll like where book two takes our unwitting heroine, and her tagalongs. Where Alice goes, Leo and Jake are never far behind.

Also, I am preparing for a couple FREE BOOK days for Turning Point this weekend. Keep your eyes out for those. (Check it out here, now, if you’re feeling fancy.)

Stay safe out there, friends. Wash your hands.

Monday, Monday.

Hello friends. It is indeed Monday. Again. It’s been a while, how are you?

Time for, “It’s Monday, What am I Doing?”

This week, I am rereading The Vampire Lestat. I’m about a third of the way through. It’s slow going because I read at night, and I don’t know about all of you, but I’ve been so tired by the end of the day lately that I can’t read more than a few pages before my eyes just close. I’m enjoying getting reacquainted with The Wolfkiller. And in fact I had forgotten that Lestat was known as the Wolfkiller. There’s so much about The Vampire Chronicles that I have forgotten, which means it’s fun to read these stories again!

I am also working on Book 2. The muse is lingering, mostly just out of reach, but I can see her so I am hopeful she’ll return in full form and ready to inspire very soon.

That’s my Monday. What are you doin’?


It’s been a heavy week. I’m pretty sure our heaviness here in the States has been felt the world over.

I had a fairly full social media calendar for June. Not packed, but full enough. But honestly, the wind has been knocked out of my sails. Not to mention the fact that I would feel like a real asshole if I didn’t address, at least in some way, the awfulness of these last few weeks. Also not to mention that this isn’t about me, but I feel the need to use my voice.

So, here is my attempt to address it.

Black Lives Matter. Period. No buts. I won’t go into explaining how it’s not okay to reply with all lives matter. If you’re unsure why that’s inappropriate, you can read this.

Racism is real and systemic racism has been so ingrained in our country that many people don’t even understand how their actions create situations of disparity for people of color. Lines were drawn decades ago that still exist today. Those lines make life harder for people of color. You can look into system racism and what you can do about it (VOTE in local elections!) here and here.

Here is a great resource of anti-racist reading material. This link will take you directly to a book store in South Bend, IN that is black and female owned.

So there are a few links to get your brain working and the conversation started.

As an author, I am a storyteller. To tell stories in a meaningful way, it is important to listen to understand. I hope you will join me.

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