Thank You!

Thank you, dear readers, for showing up for Free Book Weekend! I hope you all enjoy reading Turning Point.

If you thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Alice, Adam and the crew, please, leave a rating or a review on Amazon. It would mean a lot to this Indie Author.

*Turning Point is no longer available in ebook format. Thank you so much for supporting me in the past!*

Thank you, again and Happy Reading!

Another Monday

Hello friends. It’s Monday. It happens every week, and every week we keep doing our best to keep going with our chins up.

This Monday is a work day. I’m doing a lot of administrative work for home in addition to Author work. You know, the kind of work you don’t want to do but that makes you feel accomplished once you do it. The dreaded phone calls and updating things. Blah.

But hey, even vampires have to have their affairs in order.

In addition to the boring stuff, I have had several more glimpses of the muse. She’s speaking to me and I’m speaking back, through Alice. I think you’ll like where book two takes our unwitting heroine, and her tagalongs. Where Alice goes, Leo and Jake are never far behind.

Also, I am preparing for a couple FREE BOOK days for Turning Point this weekend. Keep your eyes out for those.

Stay safe out there, friends. Wash your hands.

*This link is no longer valid. Just leaving the post here for posterity.*

Here’s a pinned blog post with a permanent link to Turning Point on Amazon. Easy peasy.


Thank you! And if you enjoyed it, don’t forget to leave a review!

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