Thank You!

Thank you, dear readers, for showing up for Free Book Weekend! I hope you all enjoy reading Turning Point.

If you thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Alice, Adam and the crew, please, leave a rating or a review on Amazon. It would mean a lot to this Indie Author.

If you happened to miss the Free days, never fear. Turning Point is still available for your Kindle/Kindle App for just 99 cents (or local currency equivalent). And, it is always FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited.

Thank you, again and Happy Reading!

Price Change.

Dear readers, I hope you enjoyed your free weekend of Turning Point, I know I did! Thank you to everyone who downloaded a free copy, you sure know how to make a goth girl smile.

Sian goth
Goth smiles…

If you have downloaded and read the book (and enjoyed it!), please help an indie author out and leave a review or rating and be sure to tell your friends!

But now the big news…price drop! Turning Point is now $.99 (or the local equivalent) on Amazon kindle!

much excitement dancing woman
Look at that happy dance!

A Wrap.

Well, my first-ever Kindle Countdown Sale is over. Whew. Well done, everyone!

Thank you for all the likes, shares, comments and purchases you made over the last seven days. Every engagement supports an independent author (that’s me!) and encourages us to continue to follow our passion.

If you missed it, you can still buy Turning Point on Amazon, you just won’t get the shiny discount.

Thank You Jan 2020


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