Market Research

Hello friends.

As mentioned on my home page, this site is in support of my endeavor to write – and publish – fiction.

My goal is to publish my first novel this year.

Wow. I just wrote that. Let me write that again, but bigger, and in title format.

My Goal is to Publish My First Novel this Year.

Holy crap.

Well, I’ve written it, so that means I’ve got to do it.

I’ve recently taken a class on self-publishing. It was chock full of ideas and these last few days I have been trying to put together a project management plan. But, I’m left-handed and I don’t think linearly, so I currently have 14 tabs open, and they all deal with different aspects of the process of self-publishing. Except the Crested Butte tab, that’s about snowboarding.

One of the most important, and free, things I need to do is market research. I need to research book covers, competitors, my target audience, etc. I’ve even done searches on my name. I think I’ve settled on KM Smith. But, maybe there’s another nom de plume that’s more appropriate. Maybe I should choose an entirely different name altogether. Like Francie Higgenbottom or Delia Ruze. Probably not.

Okay, back to work.

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