submissionWhat did you think I meant? Ahem.

Okay, this isn’t a post about jiu-jitsu either, but still.

I hit submit on my story last night around 8.30pm. I tried to whittle it down but was only able to get rid of about 500 words in that amount of time. I love editing and wordsmithing, so really I shouldn’t have taken so long to write so I would have had more time to edit. But, eh. Whatevs.

The cool thing is that this was just a “challenge” not a competition with publishing rights attached to it. That means my work remains my property, even if I win a slot in the 10 story trophy anthology. There were 1,600ish people in the Facebook group for this challenge. Not everyone submitted, but many did, so there’s a chance I’ll get in (I mean, you have to be in to win it, right?), but I don’t know really what the odds are.

Anyway, that’s okay, because as I said, the work is mine to use as I please. Writing that story was very helpful. It gave me a glance into Sarah’s life and family–turns out it’s pretty important. Now that I know where Sarah comes from, I can incorporate that information into Alice’s life and choices. (Who the heck are those characters, anyway? Check out my novel Turning Point to find out!)

Now, what to do with this story? Should I put it out as its own thing? A freebie? I don’t know. I’ll give you the title: The Witch’s Deceit

You’re intrigued, right?

I’ll let you know if I get into the anthology. Fingers crossed!

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