55 Fiction.

Have you heard of 55 Fiction? It’s a flash fiction contest run by a newspaper out in California every year. Flash fiction is stories that are extremely short, like 6 words to 1,000, sometimes more, depending on who’s asking.

Every year, my writers’ group submits stories to the newspaper in California: New Times, San Luis Obispo, for the curious.

We have had at least one winner, which is awesome (yay Carol)! I have only ever submitted one, and it wasn’t chosen. I thought it was a good story, but the more I read it, the more flaws I find. We are meeting again soon to discuss our stories for this year because the deadline is approaching (June 10th if you want to have a go). I must brainstorm until then. I now have the benefit of experience, so that helps.

Here’s last year’s submission (titles don’t apply to the word count, but they must be under seven words long):

What Happened Last Night?

Groaning, I awaken from a heavy slumber. Hazy images slide through my mind’s eye: Dinner. Laughter. Beautiful green eyes. Soft, full lips. Hands exploring secret places.

Gliding across my teeth, my tongue catches on something sharp. I have fangs?

Sunlight through the curtain brings searing pain. Recoiling, I shriek.

“Are you remembering?” she purrs.


vamp lips and fang

Have you ever written flash fiction?

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