It’s been a heavy week. I’m pretty sure our heaviness here in the States has been felt the world over.

I had a fairly full social media calendar for June. Not packed, but full enough. But honestly, the wind has been knocked out of my sails. Not to mention the fact that I would feel like a real asshole if I didn’t address, at least in some way, the awfulness of these last few weeks. Also not to mention that this isn’t about me, but I feel the need to use my voice.

So, here is my attempt to address it.

Black Lives Matter. Period. No buts. I won’t go into explaining how it’s not okay to reply with all lives matter. If you’re unsure why that’s inappropriate, you can read this.

Racism is real and systemic racism has been so ingrained in our country that many people don’t even understand how their actions create situations of disparity for people of color. Lines were drawn decades ago that still exist today. Those lines make life harder for people of color. You can look into system racism and what you can do about it (VOTE in local elections!) here and here.

Here is a great resource of anti-racist reading material. This link will take you directly to a book store in South Bend, IN that is black and female owned.

So there are a few links to get your brain working and the conversation started.

As an author, I am a storyteller. To tell stories in a meaningful way, it is important to listen to understand. I hope you will join me.

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