Part III.

Continuing my Year in Review. The Fun Fall.

Eventually, the USTA ruled that tennis was safe to play outdoors, provided proper protocols were followed. I gladly followed them and returned to the courts ASAP.

We celebrated birthdays and milestones. September through November are packed with them. This year’s events were small, but fun and full of heart. Steve turned 50. We enjoyed the celebration, even if the balloons failed to show.

Halloween was muted, but the kids did hit a few houses in the neighborhood. Most people just left buckets of candy on the porch and kids took a couple of pieces. It wasn’t perfect, but we avoided crowds and lines.

We enjoyed Thanksgiving at home, though we dearly missed being with friends and having family join us. The food still rocked, though.

We all acquired new skills, whether they were dealing with all things virtual or learning to climb rocks or help others do so. Projects were started, many were even finished before the stroke of midnight tonight. Others are still ongoing, but it’s all good, at least they’re going!

Instead of traveling too far, we decided to make the house even more fun. (See if you can guess this “ongoing” project in the pics below!)

Steve and I even enjoyed a mini getaway to San Marcos, just the two of us. A beautiful city that gave us many happy memories. Go Bobcats!

Grammy joined us in December to ride out the remainder of the year. We’ve already had a lot of fun together making treats, taking a short day trip to Galveston, and just chilling at home.

That just about wraps up the year that wasn’t. It looks pretty good from where I sit. I know it hasn’t been easy for everyone and nearly every single human has felt the strain of COVID in some way. My hope for next year is that we can find our way through this, as a planet, and as a society. We are all humans, all of us, and we all deal with challenges and opportunities in different ways. Let’s remember our individualities and take care of our collective selves. Let’s celebrate joyful days and provide comfort to those who need it.

May you and your families enjoy a safe and happy New Year celebration and may good health and love see you through the next year.

Bye for now. xo

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