Today, I’d like to talk about one of my favorite authors: Anne Rice.

The featured image was first used in a post about how I came to be in possession of the books shown. Click here to read it.

When I was 20 or so, a friend of mine lent me her copy of Interview with the Vampire. I devoured it. I couldn’t get enough of Louis and Claudia. Even Lestat, bad guy that he was, got under my skin and found a permanent place in my heart. I had never read anything like it. And to find out there was a series and a whole universe of the sexy, mysterious, melancholic vampires out there. I needed to know more, to read more, about them.

Over the years, I’ve read several other vampire authors, and don’t get me wrong, I love finding a new series or a new author, but I can never forget the influence that Anne Rice has had on me and on my writing.

Who are your influences? Or, do you find yourself gravitating toward the same person, writing style, genre? Leave me a comment and let me know.


When I write, I like to write about what I know. You’ll (probably) never see me write a detailed and biologically accurate medical drama or a sci-fi novel about absolute reality versus perceived reality (case in point – I struggled with whether to call it “objective reality” or “absolute reality” and started going down a rabbit hole of philosophy sites. I’m definitely not ready to write about any of that).

That said, I am ready to write about places I know. I’ve traveled to and lived in several cities and countries, many of which have left their mark on me. One way to honor those places and their meaning is to incorporate them into my writing. In my opinion. writing from the heart makes one’s writing feel warmer and more authentic – even when the topic is vampires.

Thus, Turning Point is set in places I know and have experienced.

Here are some photographic highlights of prominent story locations:

AC Sign Wesley med light
Albion College sign with Wesley Hall, the freshman dormitory, in the background

The book is mainly set on the campus of Albion College in (not surprisingly) Albion, Michigan. I attended Albion College for two years after I graduated from high school. I met some of my closest friends there, and it has always held a strong place in my heart.

Various scenes also take place in Manhattan:

Washington Pk 1 (2)
Washington Square Park – the home of NYU
The Slaughtered Lamb
The Slaughtered Lamb is just around the corner from the park on West 4th Street

Both of those particular locations feature in my novel. They hold significance for me because the NYU area and West 4th Street were old haunts of ours when we lived in Manhattan. Steve and I would often wander down there on a weekend afternoon or head down that way for a night out. The nostalgia is strong…

So, there you have it. A glimpse into where some of my ideas come from.


*The photos are from my personal collection. Taken by me and Steve (and maybe Sven).

A Sign.

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure:

I couldn’t believe my luck. I opened facebook, as you do, and happened upon a post in a neighborhood page. It didn’t have anything to do with anything I was interested in, but for some reason, I clicked on it, then kept scrolling through that page.

Three posts down, my heart skipped a beat. My palms got a little sweaty. I felt warm all over. The post read something like, “FREE – 10 Anne Rice books.” There was a picture.

AR Books
I took this picture once I got them home and had a chance to take a good look at them.

There they were. In all their hardbound glory. My eyes searched the post. How long ago had it been posted? Had anyone liked it yet? Were there any comments? Did it really say FREE? I checked over and over; all of this took only a few seconds, but it felt longer.

I replied, as quickly as my fingers could fly across the keyboard, “Are these still available? If so, I would like them, please.”

<Keep your cool, Kristy. Don’t freak out. Breathe.>

I distracted myself by scrolling through my newsfeed, pretending to be completely disinterested in the result of my reply.

Totally. Not. Interested.

Ten minutes later, I heard the little “bleep-boop” indicating I had a message waiting for me in messenger. It’s cool. No big deal. They’re probably already gone anyway.

“I’ll leave them in a box on my porch, what time would like to come get them?”

<OMG> <pause> <pause> <pause>

“Um, I’ll be by later this afternoon.”

<That was totally chill, well done.>


A dozen books. By one of the greats. By someone whose writing started it all for me.

Anne Rice. The Vampire Chronicles. Those books are my inspiration. They fed my soul when I was younger, and I can’t wait to dive back into them now.

This must be some sort of sign. Right?


PS. Thanks, Anne.


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