Turning Point Project.

As you know, Turning Point is the title of my book, but. BUT. I have another story to tell about it. It’s about a sculpture and a plaque. (Facebook readers, click the link to read on and see what I’m talking about!)

Four years ago when visiting family in the UK, Steve and I took a trip to the Lake District. If you’ve never been, and if we ever get to travel again, I highly recommend it. It’s lush, it’s beautiful, historic, quaint, English. What else do you need to entice you?

One day, we hiked five miles through torrential rain with brief moments of slightly less rain and the occasional peek of sun from behind the clouds. At one almost sunny point, we came to an open field and saw this:

TP Ambleside Field 3
©2016 K.M. Smith 

An electric buzz wound its way through my body. Magical fingers tickled the tiny hairs on my arms and the back of my neck. What could it be? Who put it there?

We got closer and saw this sign: If you can’t see the first line, it says, “TURNING POINT”

This plaque gives the names of the young people who created the sculpture along with the names of two local artists.  Under the main part of the sculpture is a time capsule that was placed there on July 22nd, 2000. We visited in 2016. ©2016 K.M. Smith

Can you imagine the electric current buzzing through my body at that point? I was giddy. Ecstatic. It was a sign (I mean, yeah, it literally was, but it also figuratively was!) At that point I had not finished my novel, but it did have its title, Turning Point

So unexpected, yet so meaningful. That trip helped cement my desire to finish writing the book, and it also gave impetus to figure out the next books in the series (book three will be set nearby in Barley – click here for more on that!)

So, that’s a fun Friday factoid for you. Enjoy your weekend, dear readers!



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